Benefits of counselling.

Let us start with the obvious benefit of having a trained counsellor devote their entire focus on you and only you. This does not happen when you go to a friend. They might come up with an “It happened to me too!” story of their own thereby diverting attention away from you when you most need it. A counsellor is there for you and you only. Nobody else.

A friends’ understanding may have subjectivity, where as you need objective acknowledgement of your emotional hardship. When emotions are involved, clear thinking is the last thing that happens. Empowering you with knowledge on how to gain the skill of objective thinking is what a counsellor would do.

They will help you learn how to come up with a plan of action that best suits you and the situation. This will build up your self-confidence and self-esteem. You learn how to take control of your own life and how to better communicate your needs to others. You also learn how to set realistic goals and to achieve them.

Another benefit of counselling is nonjudgmental acceptance. As a neutral person, a counsellor offers the comfort of confidentiality. Their credibility depends on it. They understand that what they say has a lot of weight in your life. In many cases, they have a responsibility of a life on their hands. This is a huge responsibility and cannot be taken lightly.

A counsellor will help you have a different perspective by exploring different options that you may have. Others might be so emotionally attached to you that they are not able to help you objectively.

Through the journey you take with your counsellor, you will be empowered in the long run, so you don’t  have to run to someone every time you are faced with a situation.