Good stress? Yes it exists!

We have all always heard phrases like “Don’t stress”, “Don’t worry”, “Why are you getting tensed”, “Stress isn’t good for health”. Stress has been badmouthed thanks to new “surveys” and psychological studies about the stress and it’s raising levels. But what if we told you a certain amount of stress is not only good, is almost mandatory to be successful. A good amount of stress at the right time and place could steer you away from high stress situations.

Remember when you were given projects with deadlines and enough time to complete them but did them only when you were under “stress” a day before the submission. Well, now let’s play that out in a larger scenario. If you are working at a certain position and are content with absolutely NO STRESS, would you aim for higher? Would you strive to do better? But if you began to stress about not being promoted and work towards the same, don’t you think the result would be different?

Low-stress could be a great motivator in various situations in life. Even when it comes to parents pushing kids to get over a fear or to accomplish something, subjecting them to low-stress is important. Of course, the intensity varies from person to person. And very low or very high stress either could cause fallout.

Quoting from the article (the article this blog is based on; link given below) –

“The tolerance and appetite for stress vary, too, and one size does not fit all. At work, it means plotting individual team members on the stress curve, so you can decide who needs more challenge and who is teetering on the edge of a breakdown. This is crucial because attrition happens at both ends of the stress curve, and deep engagement comes from more challenge, not less. “

If there are signs to indicate when you are too stressed, then there are also signs to indicate when you have too little stress in your life. Procrastination, lethargy and boredom are certain indicators of too little stress. And when these start to show up, maybe it’s time to change the notion of “stress is always bad” and understand the concept of stress with an added perspective.

Interestingly, stress could bring out the best in us by helping us step out of being “average”. For some being average comes with the benefit of no stress, but again, where will that take us in the future? Very rarely do you see people with no stress climbing the ladder of success swiftly. Moreover stress need not always mean hustling from place to place, worrying about things all day, all night or getting tensed about every little. It’s just about a little motivating stress that helps you push yourself one step forward, gain more out of life and avoid higher stress later.

While it’s important to be susceptible to good stress, let’s also not wander blindly into the stress zone without realizing when it crosses from low-stress to high-stress. A tricky game, yes, but who doesn’t love games?

This blog is based on the article –

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