It’s all about the attitude!

Ever noticed new things on a drive out of the blue? Like you are driving through that road every day and notice nothing but one particular day on the same route you discover something beautiful about the landscape and wonder ‘when did this happen’? Did the landscape change? No. So what did? Just your perspective.

For decades, legends have proven that it’s never about what life gives you it’s all about your attitude towards it. Shiv Khera, author of the bestseller “You Can Win” believes strongly that when one is faced with a problem, one can either choose to back away, or turn it into a purpose.

Each one is fighting a battle, almost everyday. And the most difficult ones are the internal battles. Because you can run away from situations and people, but you can’t run away from yourself. To win battles outside, one must fight their internal battles, thereby preparing for the external ones.

And the one lethal weapon that’ll help here is a positive attitude! And a weapon that could harm you is negativity. It’s a choice you make.

Sometimes, we hear people around us saying “be positive”, “everything’s going to be ok”. So is this positive attitude? Well, not entirely. A positive attitude is not about ignoring facts and faults. It’s about accepting all of that, while focusing on possible solutions. It doesn’t require you to be oblivious to the bad, but it requires that you still look for the good in it or at the least make the best of the existing situation. “God has a plan for you” sounds clichéd, however if we reflect honestly and deeply over past ‘unfavorable’ events, we could find some good emerging out of them over time. It is just that we need to reframe it in our mind.

When something goes wrong and people say – it’s all for the good; does it annoy you? Does it feel unrealistic? I mean, how can something good come out of pain? But more often than not, people have looked back and realized that, perhaps that statement isn’t completely untrue. Again, it’s the attitude at a trying time that’ll help us survive it. Developing an ability to focus on finding solutions rather than finding faults is a skill that’ll help you get through the rough patches in life.

Look back and revisit the past ‘bad’ experiences and discover what good came out of that. Visualize the last time you were down in the dumps, feeling miserable and concluding that things can never get better. Did that change? Did you overcome that? Now imagine if we just look at every problem with a whole different attitude. An attitude that lets us accept that there’s a problem, but at the same time, helps us sail through troubled waters with a little background music. Struggle is inevitable. But no one has said that we have to frown through the struggle.

The old saying sure does hold good – attitude is everything! Well, old is gold! Let’s return to mastering an attitude that can help overcome all barriers!

This blog is based on the article –

Bangalore Mirror paper page18 – 24th July 2018 – Why attitude is everything –


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