Ever tried on a pair of tinted glasses? Say green? Then everything seems to have a tint of green; the people, the things around us, everything.

 Now let’s try and analyse at any given point of time in life, are we looking through the lens of fear or lens of love? Are we looking at everything negatively or positively?

 “We are not responsible for what our eyes are seeing. We are responsible for how we perceive what we are seeing” – Gabrielle Bernstein.

 We all see the same things, live in the same world and deal with the same people. But we all have different perceptions of the same. One is happy, one isn’t. One is angry, one isn’t. So where does the difference lie? Clearly in the lens through which one is viewing life.

 Amaya Pryce, a life coach and author of “5 Simple Practices for a Lifetime of Joy” and “How to Grow Your Soul” conducted an experiment for herself.

She realized that she was perceiving herself as a middle age, lonely woman with almost nothing fun in her life. Stuck in a “boring” job, she felt like life was just slipping away.

 And then as a part of the experiment, she decided to change the lens – the lens of love.

Her perception about herself changed drastically. She started focussing on things that she probably had ignored previously. She was thankful for the bond she shared with her daughter and for the fact that she had a job that could open up multiple avenues in the future. She focussed on relationships that were important rather than the ones that were amiss.

 And then, everything changed for her. Nothing changed externally. Her life remained the same, but her perception had changed, urging her to feel positive. This proved to her the existence of two kinds of lenses.

 She believes that this exists in everyone’s lives and it can be tried in different circumstances and with different people.

 Pick certain people that are currently bringing in a negative wave of emotions in your life. Switch lenses and try to see the pros. This will not change the person or your relationship with him/her, but will sure change how you feel about the person and reduce the negativity around the relationship. This is not necessarily done to make things better with the person, but to relieve you of unwanted stress related to them.

 This works great in situations too. Sometimes the worst of the worst situations don’t really have an immediate solution. But each one has an option of changing lenses. Instead of waiting indefinitely for a situation to improve, we’d rather don our lens of love and give it a positive spin immediately. And then we could maybe see that every cloud does have a silver lining.

 It’s time we started feeling proud of all that we have done than fixating on all that we aren’t able to do; be grateful for that we have than mulling over what we don’t. It’s time to put ourselves in the “hero” spot rather than the “victim” spot and replace the minus with a plus.

 So, let’s remember – LENS – STORY – FEELINGS.

 Your feelings reflect a story and that will show you what lens you are looking through. And a change in the lens can change the perspective of a story and thereby help you feel better.

 It’s easy to blame the situation and grumble as we wait for change, but it’s liberating to know that you don’t have to wait and things could change this very minute – just by changing the lens to the lens of love.

 The blog is based on the following article –


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