“ME TIME” – A much-talked about phenomenon but rare to find.

When was the last time you were able to find time to do what you really wanted? Time to relax? Time to read a book? Take a long shower? “Me-time” could be defined as time to do as one pleases, without any disturbance from the outside world. If this seems like a far-fetched dream to you, then maybe it’s time you started your search for your “me-time”.

When one is single, it’s perhaps easier to find time for oneself. You could go on a drive, stay in you room or stay glued to Netflix for hours. But things change when you get married and perhaps, more when you become a parent. So what is the way out? Do we accept that things have changed and forget about “me-time”? Or do we do everything we can to find that one chunk of free time for ourselves?


While the former is what most of us are doing these days, the latter is advised. Like they say, you can’t make others happy if you aren’t happy; similarly, you can’t find peace externally if you aren’t at peace internally. And to do so, it’s essential to skim out some time from your busy routine for yourself. Be it having a cup of coffee by yourself, or taking a walk; listening to music for a while or just sitting outside and observing nature; exclusive time for yourself can help you stay calm. It’s a way of bidding goodbye (at least temporarily) to daily stress. It’s like taking a mini (really mini) vacation everyday. Just the thought seems refreshing right?

Mothers especially tend to neglect their own needs, sacrificing day in and day out to cater to their children’s needs. And in such cases, “me-time” becomes a luxury. Not a necessity. The minute we reverse that thought cycle, we are only doing ourselves a favour.  While we go out of the way to make sure our kids have a bit of studying, sport and leisure in their lives, why do we forget to do the same for ourselves?

Be it for fulfilled relationships or happier working hours, dedicated “me-time” is a life-changing factor. We need to not only accept that we need the “me-time”, we also need to start demanding for the same; from ourselves and from those around us.







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