The game of love depends on your MI!

Forget IQ. It’s time to test your MI – Mating Intelligence.
IQ could get you a great job but for a great partner and a sustainable relationship,
psychologists say Mating Intelligence plays a very important role.
Now, MI is not something everyone is born with. It’s mostly an acquired skill, and may we safely say a life-skill? It’s how one can navigate relationships successfully, using mental skills to keep your partner attracted.
Being smart and aware can help you woo someone you really like. It is of course also linked to your confidence level that allows you to use your intelligence aptly or on the contrary, lack of confidence that could restrict your ability to begin a relationship.
Unfortunately, with technology taking over dating and romance, to possess mating
intelligence is almost mandatory. To steer through different paths and keep someone
interested in you despite the availability of options, is sure a daunting task. However
clichéd it may seem, wooing is still an integral part of our society and lives. Like Oliver
markus (Author of ‘why men and women can’t be friends’) quoted – Why are we here? We have pondered for centuries. The answer is disappointingly simple: Mating. That’s it.
While mating may not be the goal in everyone’s life, it’s hard to deny that it sure is
essential to fulfill needs. And to find a mate and sustain a relationship, we might need
more than just a heart. Our mind may need to sit behind the steering wheel for a while,
especially in today’s comptetitive world.
Pyschologists believe that relationships do end quickly for people with lower MI. Higher
confidence often helps in higher levels of MI. Moreover, there isn’t one rule that could be
applied to all relationships. It’s about being confident, knowing what could work for you and your relationships, being aware and going for it. Because if you don’t just go for it, in
today’s world, chances are it’ll be gone before you even blink.
So for all you men and women out there, wear that smile of confidence and go find your
soulmate. Use a set of pyschological abilities to look for someone, choose someone, go
through a period of courtship and guard your relationship. And surely, to do all of those
challenging things, you do need to let your MI flow.
The blog is based on the following article –
https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/relationships/love- sex/whats-your-

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