Be obedient. Be good. Be nice. Be correct.

Basically be all that you are told to be. Isn’t that what most children are taught? And somewhere along the line, while being all of that, they forget to just be themselves. When these children grow up to be adults, there could sometimes be a spark that encourages them to stop being what other wants them to be, and start living life on their own terms.

They start saying “no” to unwanted things, start emphasizing on their own happiness and prioritizing their preferences over that of others. It’s a liberating feeling, no doubt; but at times this could come with unpleasant reactions from people around them. So does that mean they go back to complying? Well, no! Then it’s time to look for the golden mean.

The golden mean or golden middle way is the desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency.

So in this context, it’s finding a way to make sure your happiness is of topmost priority without really marking the beginning of a war with your loved ones.  It’s an ideal way of respecting others’ feelings and not compromising on your own needs.

The golden mean is essential only to preserve your own happiness. Without that, you are tilting either towards only pleasing others or towards the exact opposite. The golden mean in other words is a “smart” compromise.

With changing trends and beliefs, rifts are caused between generations, between partners or basically between any two people. The key to the golden mean is understanding how much one should give in (and in which relationship) and how much one should stay firm to his/her views. Life is about relationships as much as it is about your own happiness. To keep both intact, we all ought to look for our own golden mean. But once you have found it, you could see not just a silver lining, but a true gold lining to all your problems.

The golden mean challenges the belief that one should prioritize the happiness of his loved ones over that of one’s own. It encourages you to put your happiness in the first position. And at the same time, it preserves the fact that in the end, if one has to live as a part of the herd, one needs to find a way of adjustment. While it sounds idealistic and hard to achieve, the golden mean is quite simple when applied in all spheres of life. The day you have found your very own golden mean, it could mark the beginning of your golden era.

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