Do I really need a counsellor?

So when does one approach a counsellor? When one is facing a problem with relationships, when one is stressed out or when one is depressed? Yes! That’s when you must approach a counsellor but that’s not the ONLY reason why you should approach a counsellor. Counselling is an exercise that frees your mind and liberates the soul. It helps you connect with yourself, leads you to a better understanding of yourself, of who you are, which in turn helps you make right choices in life. Most of the time who we think we are is actually what someone else has told us to be. Best person who can help through this process is a counselor.

Let’s look at various reasons why counselling should be a necessity, and not just the last resort.

  • Let it go – We all deal with our own amount of frustration. And we can’t always talk to friends/family. So what happens to all that frustration? It builds up within us; threatening to blow up one fine day. Why wait for that? It’s important to let it all go. And a counsellor is the right person to help you do so. A counsellor is someone who’ll listen unconditionally and help you release the tension. If you were given a chance to just discard all the frustration from your mind, vent it all out and walk away feeling lighter, would you take it? That’s what a counsellor helps you do.
  • Dealing with problems – Problems come and go, but the way you deal with it will change when you have a counsellor guiding you. It helps you realize that when external factors are out f control, it’s time to learn to manage your own emotions. Everything that irritates us about others can lead to a better understanding of ourselves. So while coping with external issues, you are subsequently connecting with your inner-self.
  • Underlying problems – You may think all is well, but subconsciously there might be a lot you are dealing with. There might be baggage you are carrying from childhood or past relationships and which might unknowingly be stressing you out. Unexplained body issues like headaches, cramps and pain could all be caused by unidentified stress. That’s your body’s way of sending signals that you need help. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak; it’s the first step to making you a stronger person; a person who is taking responsibility of his own life.
  • Prevention is better than cure – With stressful, busy lives, we are hardly able to dedicate time to ourselves. With each passing day, the number of people suffering from anxiety and depression is rising steadily. The long term effects of these are well-known and we all would like to stay far from it. So if we just started taking care of ourselves from this very moment. If we realized by simply “talking” to a counsellor, we might discover a better self, get valuable perspectives to situations, it would keep stress away and ward off illnesses caused by stress (and let’s not forget there are quite a few in that list).

The penultimate line is, counselling is not only for someone who is having issues, it’s for everyone who wants to go through a process of self-discovery and self empowerment. Finally, it’s what everyone must experience once in their lifetime.


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