What is the secret?

Sometimes we look at couples; happy couples and wonder what’s working for them. How is it that they don’t have issues? How have they lasted so long? Well, the truth is every couple has issues. Its how they deal with them is what matters. By just practicing healthy relationship habits, they keep problems way. As simple as it may seem, it’s not as easy to implement every day. But if we did, happy couples wouldn’t be rare to spot.

First of all, happy couples know how to have fun. As simple as that – they have fun! They don’t take themselves too seriously. Dates, laughter and fun – a part of their routine.

Having said that, they also take care of their finances, plan cleverly for their future and take any step to ensure a secure future. Regular discussions about financial topics helps keep away financial stress at a later date.

Moving over to one of the most important factors not just in a marriage, but it any relationship – communication. For any two people, assumption can create misunderstandings and when it comes to marriage, it can truly create havoc. It’s always best to just talk. Yes, just talk instead of assuming and subsequently concluding. Reading is a great hobby, but reading minds should never be one. It’s advisable that you don’t do it and don’t expect your spouse to do so as well.

Discussion leads to resolving and criticism leads to frustration. The right path of communication will lead you to the right goal, or do we say, ‘couple goals’?

Then of course, let’s talk about the dreaded villain in marriage – comparison; something that happy couples rarely encounter. We have grown up listening to ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. But do we understand the implications? Especially in a marriage? Every other couple or every other home seems perfect but as they say, if people were asked to put all their problems on a table and were asked to pick another person’s issues, they would in all probability pick their own and leave.

With Hollywood and Bollywood portraying unrealistic expectations from marriage and love, it’s without doubt, difficult, but essential to keep those thoughts away.

Similarly, it’s best to focus on your own marriage and work on it. Let’s not forget, marriage is and will always be – WIP – work in progress.

Marriage is a sacred bond, and each couple must respect the sanctity of the relationship. Every couple must refrain from discussing their problems with everyone around them and certainly must stop themselves from complaining chronically about their partners. It’s best not to wash dirty linen in public.

Lastly, but quite importantly in today’s generation, happy couples don’t go by stereotypical duties that a husband and wife ought to perform. They create boundaries for themselves and set their own set of rules. There of course is a possibility that few couples prefer the old school way of living and that could do wonders too. The key here is to identify what’s best for your relationship and something that works for you need for work for another couple and vice versa.

The only goal should be to find the key and unlock the door to a blissful marriage.

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