Love yourself – easier said than done

A topic that is being by promoted by all, and certainly by Prerana Academy. But how easy is it to implement the same? Do we all really understand the concept of loving ourselves?

Loving the way you look, loving your name or loving your everyday life – is that loving yourself? It may be a part of the process, but loving yourself is a wholesome process that makes you feel complete and most importantly reduces the need for validation from the outside world.

First, let’s take a small test to understand the intensity of our love towards ourselves — Do you criticize or judge yourself? Do you call yourself stupid, fat or a loser? Have you ever made a mistake for which you felt years of guilt?

– Do you put conditions on loving yourself and finding joy by depending on external factors?

– Do you know who you really are, what you feel, and what you want?

-Do you allow people to have the power over you, perhaps by affecting your mood and your opinion of yourself?

If you answered in affirmation to most of the above questions, then this Valentine’s Day, it’s time to put yourself first!

We often do things for others, sometimes out of choice and sometimes out of an obligation. But what’s the objective? Validation, perhaps. Is it wrong, one may ask? Certainly not. But isn’t it time we stopped relying on others for substantiation? Isn’t it time we believed in ourselves and showed some love?

So what does loving yourself mean? It’s much more than a favourite meal, a favourite film or some “me time” at the spa. It’s about doing things that are good for your body and soul, staying away from negativity and surrounding yourself with people who you are happy to be around. It’s about making tough choices, perhaps, giving up something that’s not good for your body or getting out of a toxic relationship.

It’s a constant, conscious process; a process that helps one stay connected to oneself at all times, understanding all that one is feeling and aiming to be a wholesome person.

So, what can one do to fall in love (or more in love) with oneself? Here are some tips –

  • Accept yourself – This is who you are, and if you don’t accept that, you can’t expect the others to do so.
  • Mirror work – It’s not always about being positive; it’s about being honest and real with you. Start off by looking into the mirror and saying – I love myself or I am willing to love and respect myself.
  • Self-love exercise – If you are having difficulty experiencing the whole feeling of self-love, you could write down instances when you felt proud of yourself or when you felt happy with your actions.
  • Ask for help – Probably the most important step of all – ask for help. When you need directions on the street, you stop and ask. Similarly, it’s essential to realize when you need help and ask for the same.

So this Valentine’s day, prioritize yourself. Remember, your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship.

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