School, school, which school do we choose?

With the process of admissions starting again this year, parents looking for schools for their kids tend to feel extremely stressed. In a city like Bangalore with each locality offering an array of schools to choose from, parents can be left feeling quite confused.

Opinions from family members, online reviews and past experiences; all playing on one’s mind while making such an important decision can contribute to be a truly exasperating experience. How much do you consider? How much do you compromise on? Yes, you most probably will have to compromise on few things which are ok because there is no such thing as a perfect school.

Let’s list down some pointers that might help confused parents find a path to the right school.

  1. Distance – One of the main factors to be considered is the distance. While some parents refuse to cross that 5-km radius, some are ready to travel far and find an apt school for children. It’s important to understand what’s important to you and your partner and what might benefit your child in the long run.
  2. Board – Educate yourself on all 4 boards schools offer today and understand what might be apt for your child. It’s crucial to remember that the Board doesn’t decide the success of your child’s future. It’s merely a guiding path. Choosing a school based on the board is usually better than going in for a school that has a famous name.
  3. Strength of the class – Smaller the class, greater the learning. Think about a teacher’s attitude towards 50 students and the same towards 20. That tiny difference can make all the difference in your child’s attitude towards learning. However, there’s a possibility that your child may learn more in a bigger group. Again, this is subjective to every child.
  1. Study or play? – A question you need to first ask yourselves before making a decision for your child. Do you believe in more number of hours spent on learning inside the classroom or outside? And honestly, there is nothing right or wrong, it’s a personal choice. But once you are clear, you could accordingly pick a school
  1. Culture of the school – Convent style? Conservative? Competitive? Sheltered? Now while a combination of all would be ideal, we all know it’s unlikely. So the first step is to assess your own values, family background and priorities and what kind of environment you would want your child to grow up in.

Furthermore, having a look at the school diary adds value to your decision to understand how the activities for the year have been planned out. It helps us to understand the structure and organization of the institute. Feedback from old students could be taken into account, however, cannot be taken at face value as it would be lined with their personal experiences.

The penultimate rule is to accept the fact that all children are not alike. If one child performs well at an international school, it’s possible that another one may not. And to respect the uniqueness of each child is perhaps why we have so many choices today. So reflecting upon one’s own values and priorities is the key to finding the right school for your children.

Lastly, it’s essential to remind ourselves that children are usually more flexible than adults and might take to any school better than we expect them to. Each school will come with its pros and cons and there is no magical formula for a perfect school. So once you have considered the above points and made a decision, let the fear go and make sure your children’s schooling is a happy experience for them as well as for you.

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