Everything has to be planned!!! ….or maybe not.

Are you sure?

A question asked many a time, but more often than not, we are forced to answer in negation. So what happens if one isn’t sure; one isn’t certain of what’s going to happen next? Is that uncertainty dangerous, harmful or a drawback? The famous poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, in fact, urged us to accept uncertainty with open arms and move on with life. So for all those who are trying hard to achieve certainty in all fields in life, there’s some good news. Philosophers believe strongly that uncertainty can add real value to life. It’s important, they say, to cherish each moment and let life surprise you at times.

We are all brought up being taught to be sure; sure about what we like, what we don’t; sure about  who we want to be with; sure about what we want to do. Striving towards certainty in everything is almost inbuilt in us. And when things don’t go as planned or uncertainty creeps in, we feel uneasy, incomplete and scared. But what we forget is that what unfamiliar situations in life teach us, a familiar one would never be able to do so. If we are looking at any kind of transformation in life, we have to give ourselves up to some amount of uncertainty. Dealing with an unsettling feeling and growing out of it can teach us the most.

Let’s take a simple example – if you planned a boat ride, you would know exactly where your boat is headed, for how long and your final destination. But if you let your boat pave a path for you, you just may end up on a whole new island. Of course, while on that boat if you panic about not knowing where you are going you may just drown. The key is to be strong in unchartered waters and you might finally sail into a sea of happiness. Similarly, once you get past the fear of not knowing everything, you could be in for a surprise – a new you!

We have often heard, life is about the present. But how many of us actually practice it? It’s important to divert our attention to the right things. Instead of trying to plan everything and stressing about it not happening at times, we’d rather develop strength and patience to deal with plans not going our way. Subsequently, we might be able to actually savour each moment of life while carrying a bit of suspense with us.

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