Taboo no more!

Taboo, taboo taboo! We like to label everything we don’t want to deal with as taboo. And one such topic is counselling. The idea of “pulling themselves together” is still so strange to people. People wait to be rescued, but the point is to rescue oneself! The social stigma and the sense of shame attached with counselling prohibit people from actually understanding counselling.

 Let’s keep it simple. You have fever or you are down with flu, what would you do? Worry about it? Hide it from everyone around you? Try to look it up on Google and figure out a solution? Let it bother you all week? None of those right? You would immediately walk to your family doctor and grab some medicines. So simple! Now run the same set of questions in your mind when it comes to stress, anxiety or depression. We all know the result, don’t we?

 So trying to understand why this taboo exists in our country is futile. What’s essential now is to get past it and understand why counselling is a necessity! It’s not solely something for the ‘misbehaving’ children, not meant for the ‘depressed’ lot and certainly not a last resort. Counselling is a gradual process of strengthening oneself, being mindful and enhancing quality of relationships through self-awareness.

 The society we live in is full of stress, anxiety and rage. We can’t possibly run away from it, but we can prepare ourselves to deal with it efficiently and not let it get in the way of our happiness. Be it marriage, or child-related issues; work-life problems or personal insecurities; anything can be dealt with. There is a solution and people just need to learn to ask for help. Asking leads to finding responses and talking leads to resolving. But ultimately, the step has to be taken by us.

 Counselling is not an overnight process and requires commitment and dedication, but is that too much to ask for when the only one benefitting from this is you? We all need someone to talk to, someone who could listen to us unconditionally and someone who would advise but yet help us find our own paths in the journey of life. Hardships can’t be avoided, but we sure can develop the skill to handle them and emerge victorious.

 As the late pioneer American social worker Virginia satir had stated – the problem is never the problem; coping is! The art of learning to cope leads us to a more enriching and fulfilling life. The sooner you develop this art, the more grateful you’ll be; to yourself!

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