Women-let them fly!

Recently, at an event, Priyanka Chopra gave an inspiring speech about women breaking the glass ceiling. The video has been doing the rounds on social media, but how many women are able to do it – is a million dollar question. How practical is it for women to implement such ideas in our country?

Suicide of IIT scholar Manjula Devak in May 2017 shows us the emptiness of such thinking. Manjula Devak was a 28 year old independent woman who committed suicide (perhaps because of marital issues regarding freedom to do as she pleased) in Delhi.  Dowry harassment and lack of support from her family led her to take such an extreme step. So where is the equality, if qualified women like her in the end succumb to an issue like dowry? She is just one recent example, but we all know the numbers are shockingly high.

However harsh it may seem the fact is that ideology of equality is restricted to an extremely small number of families in our country; while the rest are seated comfortably engulfed by a strong set of old-fashioned beliefs.

Taking the example of Devak; self-sufficient, independent and educated – yet succumbed to the pressure of dowry harassment and family issues. If even someone like her is not encouraged to stand up for herself and break barriers, how do we expect women in rural areas to do so? How do we ever expect such a huge population to become stronger?

Things are changing, people are moving towards newer ideas, innovations and boundaries; but are they willing to let go of the antiquated practices? Sadly, the answer here is clear – only a handful of them!

Women are often caught between two ends – old restraints and new ambitions. To avoid such tragedies, we are left with two options – either we don’t give women the wings to fly or we let them fly without building glass ceilings for them!

Times have changed and so have the values. Marriage, especially arrange marriage, is not as simple as it used to be. Women are far more independent and display lesser tolerance to injustice. When parents do get daughters married, they must be willing to support their daughter irrespective of the fact that they are married. The old thinking of ‘once a girl gets married she has to live and die at husband’s place’ must change. The parents must continue to care for their daughter and what best way to do that than giving her permission to free herself from an abusive marriage? The right kind of support from parents at the right time can not only help save a life, but also help them start a new life….. a more content and meaningful life.

While we talk about breaking the glass ceiling, we could also take a minute and think about why the glass ceilings are even being created in the first place. Can’t the sky be the limit for men and women alike? Maybe it can, and it soon will. Carrying that hope in our hearts, let’s pledge to change in every little way to make the world a safer place for women – safe from their own fears!

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