LOVE – ‘Made in China’

The clothes we wear, products we use and now, the love we find, could all be ‘Made in China’. China has introduced schools for dating, offering courses in ‘How to fall in love’. Well, clearly there’s nothing China can’t do. The courses offer tips on grooming, flirting and finally dating. It ensures that students pass out not with flying colours but with girlfriends!

What caused this? Why did someone wake up one morning and decide to impart knowledge regarding dating? Well, one contributing factor could have been the previous policy of having only one child with the added male child preference in the country ; hence causing a lot of men to be left alone, feeling heart-broken. With the fear that unhappy, single men could bring up the rate of human trafficking and sex crimes, organizations are setting up centers to make men confident to go out and find true love for themselves.

While it sounds bizarre, it makes one wonder, whether this could be a valid option for India too. India too, like China, has been caught in the web of arrange marriages, with little exposure given to the youth about dating. Times sure are changing, but how sensibly are people looking for love? Would a course help them understand the path to be taken?

Knowing how to date or fall in love is a debatable topic as some may believe these are actions that must happen naturally. However, what one could definitely be trained in is identifying one’s own needs before stepping out to find a partner. Most failed relationships portray unmet expectations, not incorrect partners. And there are very few young souls out there who know what they actually want with a clear picture of who’ll be able to meet those needs. They wish to find “love” with the hope that ALL their needs would be met. And that unrealistic start to a relationship ensures a rocky road ahead.

With single stream schools a favorite among conservative Indian parents, till the age of 16, boys and girls are unsure of how to even make conversation with people of the other gender. And when such people set out to find girlfriends/boyfriends, mistakes tend to happen, hearts tend to get broken. With no prior experience in grooming or healthy flirting, they either hesitate to make a move or sometimes err on the other side by saying too much. And perhaps, now it doesn’t seem incongruous to have such courses for the youth.

Maybe soon enough, we’ll have even schools and courses here with ‘made in China’ label; with the hope that they love they find after such a course would actually last long, unlike other Chinese products.

This blog is based on the article –

Times of India-Bangalore edition-Page 14-19th November 2017-‘Now,China has courses in dating’

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