13 reasons Why!

TV shows have always been considered bad for kids and the old school of thought promotes banning them for children. But some new age shows are emerging with meaning that help bring awareness to topics that were otherwise taboo. And we sure can say that India needs some change in this regard.

The popular show among teens “13 reasons why” has caused a stir among parents, internationally and in India too, wondering if it’s appropriate for their children to watch it. It may seem a little overwhelming, especially for sensitive children, however, its bringing t everyone’s attention a very serious, yet neglected issue among teens – depression, ending with suicide. It’s a teen’s narration of events in her life that led to her committing suicide. In the wake of the new show, parents are rightfully obligated to speak to their teens about it and this could be a great start to discussing such a delicate yet important topic.

Robert Myers., child and adolescent psychologist, believes it’s important to tackle these issues smartly and delicately. If the teens are already watching the show and the parents bring up the topic, a teen’s first reaction to it is one of defense. A parent has to ensure that they don’t broach the subject with negativity, instead treat like any other discussion.
Moreover, during any discussion relating to depression, a parent must refrain from using any fearful tone that would send the child on a guilt trip and eventually lead him to going into a shell. The teen must know that the parents trust him/her and will stand by his/her side come what may. That foundation of faith is essential for any child to open up about his feelings and confide in his/her parents. On the other hand, including your own life-examples could help establish an empathetic relationship and make the teen feel comfortable.

Furthermore, parents are unsure about how often they should talk about it. Robert Myers is certain that just talking about it once won’t suffice but at the same time, bombarding them with facts and statements about depression every now and then is ineffectual.

It may seem difficult to find the right mix of all ingredients to perfect parenting and it’s quite impossible to draw up a recipe, however what salt is to food, communication is to parenting. You can skip some things but always be there to talk to your child and listen too. Shows like these could be treated as blessings in disguise that are helping people discuss depression more openly with the hope of helping their kids stay away from it or in some cases overcome it. But that also makes us wonder, did we really need a show or a book like “13 reasons why” to share such things with our teens? Why were we waiting for someone to give us a push for something as important as depression? Some food for thought, maybe?

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