Calm Parenting!

Children are amazing at aping and all parents certainly are aware of that! And hence all parents are so cautious of their actions and words because they never know when their children will pick the same and reproduce it most unexpectedly! Well, it’s not just your actions they are watching. Your anxiety too is at the risk of being aped by your kids.

Anxiety breeds anxiety!

No solution has ever been found by taking the path of anxiety. In fact, it could only add to your problems. Parenting sure is a challenging job; perhaps the most tedious one, to have ever existed. And unconsciously, anxiety sets in. But what’s more dangerous is that the same anxiety could be passed on to your child.

Now when a parent is faced with a situation at home, the first reaction to it is the most important; which is bound to stay in your child’s mind forever. If a parent takes a minute to first calm himself/herself before addressing the child regarding an issue, the panic level of the situation is minimized to a great extent; thereby making way for one to actually resolve an issue with an effective solution . And we all know that wouldn’t have happened if things had heated up.

How a parent deals with a problem eventually transforms into how a child deals with one. Kids are kids. They are supposed to make mistakes, they are supposed to goof up and annoy us. But parents are adults. And taking a minute before reacting is what any adult must do, thereby ensuring children turning into calm adults as well.

Anger is usually caused by a feeling of disappointment when a child doesn’t do as he is instructed to. A parent feels accountable for every mistake a child makes, which is unfair. An adult is solely responsible for how they react to a mistake, not for the mistake. The minute a parent understands this distinction, things get calmer. One cannot ensure that a child does everything right all the time, its plain impossible! But what’s possible is one’s behaviour towards the child that could in fact influence his/her action the next time around. A child who is not blamed and reprimanded for every little mistake is actually motivated to try again and perhaps succeed too!

Well, this goes to say that the trending “keep calm” slogan is something we all must really put to use, especially while parenting!

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