Stress VS Burnout?

Don’t feel like going to work? Don’t feel like sitting at your desk all day? Eager to quit or change jobs? Now, most of us have felt all of the above and may have categorized it as work-related stress and pushed it away. But, is it just stress? Or is it a burnout?

 It’s important to identify the distinction in order to take the right path thereafter. Stress is commonly associated with certain situations, events or people. And a change in any of the above immediately brings down stress levels. Stress is relatively short-term and one usually feels overwhelmed with the amount of work. And once a certain project is completed, or an important event takes place, stress automatically reduces, hence reassuring us that we can get back to our usual work mode.

However, on the other hand, a burnout is long-term. More than feeling worried about a certain assignment, a sense of belongingness is lost. The whole workplace seems strange and feelings towards employees change too. There is a sudden disconnect with the job and the people associated with it, perhaps with the boss himself.

 There has been no one reason that has caused people to experience a burnout in the past but reasons like having unclear goals and expectations, no support from the boss, monotonous work schedule or low-stimulation work have contributed to the same.

 A burnout could create consequences at work as well as at home. A person who is dissatisfied with his work and the results carry a sense of insecurity and dissatisfaction back home, hence, risking stability of other relationships too.

With increasing levels of stress and with money being a prime factor for choosing jobs, more and more people are leaning towards a burnout very early in their career.

 Contrary to the common mentality, a burnout can actually be avoided. Monitoring one’s job carefully and working with a purpose are key factors in keeping a burnout away. To have a goal apart from the monthly pay-check helps in keeping the mind challenged at work. Taking control of the job and ensuring that the boss is helping you grow keeps an employee motivated. However difficult it may seem, the task of staying happy at the workplace has to be performed by the employee and one shouldn’t wait for the boss to carry out the same. Exercising regularly and keep stress levels low indirectly play a significant role in ensuring a happy professional life. And if one is happy at work, a burnout is a rarity.

And if after trying to do so, you are still unable to find peace, don’t hesitate to talk to a counsellor and find the right path for your career that’ll consequently decide your path to happiness!

 For counselling, contact Prerana Academy at…. 99800-72005/90084-22688

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