The importance of failure

“Failures are the stepping stones to success” Certainly. But this is an idea that is promoted only as one becomes an adult. However, as a child, all one is taught to believe in is – “try, try, try; till you succeed”.

 Why isn’t failure considered important during childhood? Why are children inclined towards the thought that failure makes them bad children in the eyes of their parents? As one faces challenges at work, at home or in life, words of encouragement are often spoken in favour of failure and how certain failures are only helping us climb towards the peak of success. But how often have we seen parents deal with children’s failures in a similar manner?

 It’s essential to teach children the concept of failure, help them deal with and overcome the same, in order to eliminate the fear of failure in life. If dealt with appropriately at the right age, children grow up to be bold and courageous, attempting every task in every field with decreased fear of not succeeding. And isn’t that more important? To try and not succeed than to not try at all?

 The goal is to ensure that each activity or task given at school is being enjoyed and a lot is being learnt from it. And in most cases, success does follow if one takes up a challenge passionately. If not, it’s the parents’ duty to help the child talk about the failure and relive and focus on the experience than the outcome.


Furthermore, isn’t it essential at some level for a person to fail? Because, from failure is where we receive a better understanding of ourselves. A failure in your child’s life and the way you handle it could take you one step closer to successful and effective parenting.

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