Childhood bullying and its impact on adulthood

The effects of childhood bullying could last for longer than you think. Research has shown that children who have been bullied could experience low self-esteem, anxiety and depression as adults. Bullying in some cases is unavoidable and parents might not be able to prevent it but the key to overcoming its side effects is helping the child deal with it post an incident. Usually children are reluctant to talk about such incidents with their parents or friends with the fear of being judged or being called a “sissy”. However, bullying never ends with the act. It could haunt a child life-long.  And carrying forward baggage like that might be harmful at various levels.


Furthermore, if you thought bullying was restricted to children, it’s time to dig deeper! Adults too face different kinds of bullying and what is termed as “ostracism” could instill fear and insecurity in adults too. From verbal bullying to online bullying, bullying could take various forms, but all leading to catastrophic consequences (including personality disorders), if not dealt with sensibly and sensitively.

Children may not have the courage to express their problems explicitly, but adults must find the courage to do so! Identifying the different forms of bullying is essential in the case of adults. Even something as common as someone forcing their decisions or ideas on you at a workplace, is a form of bullying. Standing up for yourself at a time like that is imperative!

One might wonder, what causes people to turn into bullies. Surprisingly, bullies themselves are often suffering from personality disorders or depression urging them to take respite by performing acts of bullying. Some may also have poor relationships with their families or might be facing difficulties in their academic work, leading them to believe that the only way of displaying strength or power lies in bullying.

With a profound increase in the number of suicides amongst children, bullying must be looked into from all angles. Acknowledging that your child is being bullied is only the beginning; followed by being there for your child and lending an ear when required. Effective parenting can help children overcome the impact of bullying and grow up to be secure, happy individuals.

This blog was based on the article – Bullying ke side-effects in Bangalore Mirror paper on 25th July 2017-


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