Helicopter Parenting

Parenting is a very well-known but unconquered territory, or so many may believe! Very few parents are seen mastering the art of parenting without being dubious at every stage of bringing up their children. Research comes and goes, sometimes helping and sometimes confusing parents! And a popular trend in our country seems to be “helicopter parenting”. The term signifies over-indulgence of parents in their child’s work and decisions, even if the children are almost adults.  Hovering over children, monitoring their studies, school work and other activities, could provide a lot of relief to parents and could prove to be as much of a burden to the children.

But what that burden could do to the children in the long run is what is worrying.

The good intentions of parents could infact transition into fear and lack of confidence in children, with long term effects like depression and in some cases, self-harm. Research has also shown us that parents who help children develop age-appropriate autonomy are actually making a path for independent adults who are also known to be more stable when it comes to jobs and marriages. Interventions by parents in children’s lives could seem harmless at an age where the parent still feels the need to control their kids. However, the damage caused could reflect much later in life and with higher intensity.

Understanding the distinction between aiding the child in making decisions and making the decision for them might seem obvious, but in many cases, isn’t. Parents feel that the children need them, and are incapable of making the right decisions. The roots of the belief could be well rested in our culture and the system that has led many of our ancestors to believe that the “parents know better’. Be it in choosing a career or bride for their children, the parents are believed to be more ideal selectors, than the children themselves.

Few parents now, are seen providing a healthy environment for children to make decisions, mistakes and learn from the same. The courage to do so, could in fact make your children more courageous and well-equipped to handle bigger issues in life.

Helicopter parenting might be a trend now, but as hoped by pysochologists, the trend must change soon to make way for an independent generation.

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