THE ENERGY VAMPIRES – Don’t let them suck the energy out of you!

Have there been instances when you feel so tired and enfeebled; and wonder why? Random thoughts and issues pulling you down, and you aren’t left with enough energy to deal with day-to-day duties? Maybe it’s time you identify these vampires that are sucking the energy out of you!

Psychologists have identified some that are common to everyone, except, the extent to which it affects people may differ.

 The first place seems to be taken by the “oh so familiar” thought – the pursuit of issues that one can’t control. We are often caught trying to change or mend things that really aren’t in our control. And the helplessness of not being able to do so and the agonizing pressure to get that done is subconsciously bringing down our energy level through the day. It’s almost like worrying about why the earth is round or why the sky can’t be red in colour. Understanding that further investment in such an issue could only cause us to feel weaker is essential at that point.

 Next comes the “be perfect” drive. The compelling need to be correct or perfect in all that we say or do could unknowingly be stressing us out! The key to get past this is to identify when it’s important to prove that we are right and when we should just let go. Or similarly, when it’s ok not being perfect too!

 What follows in the list of vampires, is incontestably, the much expected, but equally unwanted guest – Unrequited love or friendship. The piercing pain in one’s heart when one thinks about that one person we chase despite receiving only neglect or denial in return. Sometimes, giving up a relationship like that may bring in a welcome feeling of freedom and relief. And the energy saved there can be used in relationships where the benefit is equal. The presence of people, who love us, appreciate us and listen to us, not only prevents an energy drain but also brings in a flood of fresh energy.

And then we have the undeniable factor – physical health. If one isn’t eating or sleeping well, it is bound to show in expected and unexpected ways. As they say, mental and physical health go hand in hand, and to remain positive and healthy, one needs to be dedicated towards nutrition and fitness.

 Having spotted the devils in disguise, it’s time we unmask each one of them and push them away to make way for good energy and happiness!!

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