Education v/s Technology

Technological advancement has changed the facet of communication! Being “online”, is the need of the hour. Facebook profiles, Instagram updates, LinkedIn posts, twitter tweets are probably the only connect to human emotions.

 A whole new industry thrives on this social media frenzy and has identified it as the most influential medium that will dictate the purchase patterns of customers. Hence there is a steady increase in social media presence of many sectors; be it pharmaceutical, retail or real estate. With an effect so profound, there is no doubt about its influence on the younger generation. They not only understand the lingo but are also better at operating the various features it offers.

 This wave of technology has also enabled the younger generation in learning: through experiencing. Any concept can nowadays be learnt through audio and video clips thus keeping in touch with life like teachings. A new study conducted revealed that there is a demand for adopting this technology at schools to better the learning. Online classes, video streaming have furthered this requisition. Is this the big picture?

 Although the effect of technology cannot be debated so is the affect of technology! Internet is both: a boon and a bane. Limiting internet to learning is unrealistic, are we ready for the realistic scenario? Can we turn a blind eye to the internet savvy and monger generation? Can authority be enforced on the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” when it comes to internet/technology?

 Has the decision to avoid internet in school come as a blessing? We can utilize this to the benefit of the children and introduce them to outdoor activity and curiosity. Being curious will lead to better and real life learning. Family togetherness can be sought for learning. Bonding and self-care can be instilled among younger generation with time. Limiting the usage of internet will open the doors to a whole new and realistic world.

 Maybe it is time to remove the tech from technology and create an analogy with loved ones for a change!


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