Everything now ! Doesn’t matter how

Faster food, shorter stories , instant results – Defining us, today!
Everyone wants everything now! And not just that, we want the best! The era of patience, and adjustment is long gone and going by today’s scenario it’s safe to say it’ll never return.
There was a time when the build up to an event was far more significant and gratifying than the event itself. But does today’s generation even comprehend that feeling of waiting and looking forward to something? With food being cooked in two minutes, relationships being made and broken in 2 weeks and celebrities being created and forgotten in 2 months, the whole world is moving towards an era of NOW! Advancements in technology have compelled us to conclude that everything can happen right away and have trained us to be impatient. We are bombarded with
messages about living in the moment and sinking into the present. Are we really sinking in so deep that we are not able to come back up to plan for a future? Are we really scared of tomorrow? Or is it a fear that what we possess today may be taken away tomorrow?
However, this feeling that delivers instant happiness is also erasing signs of permanence; that which is built only with time and effort. A credit card that gets you your bag of goodies also brings a bill to pay at the end of the month. Likewise , the instant food leaves you with only one thing permanent – damage! The moral remains – good things come ( and more importantly , stay ) with those who wait!