Happy, Sad, Anger……………My emotions

This is a four series blog which attempts to draw you closer to your feelings and its interactions with thoughts and behaviour. In the end a holistic approach can be established as an enabler to manage/deal with situations/life.

I feel happy: I feel sad: I feel so angry I could scream. These are the commonly expressed feelings and we attribute them to the situations/circumstances around us. WE decide the parameters that affect our feelings and are often unaware of the power we transit to these parameters! The passage of time sees the elimination of these parameters and we get distorted about them but find comfort in feelings.

This may not be making any sense at this moment but at the end of the series you will be able to distinguish between your behaviour and you feeling. This begs the question: Why are feelings so important?

There is a popular belief in counselling “healing happens in feelings”. Determining what you feel is the essence of decoding self. Feelings are like layers of onion and generally only the upper layer is peeled off/recognized! The peeling of subsequent layers is profound and one to be experienced. Better understanding is sought through this peeling for enhanced understanding of oneself. To enable a better understanding, let’s begin with a basic question: How do you feel when you are happy? Confused, surprised. Most are, but this question oils the feeling part brain. Happiness may be derived from feeling elated, feeling awesome, feeling proud, feeling surprised etc. A moment’s pause is all it takes to analyze the source of our feeling/emotions. Whenever you feel happy or sad ask yourself: “What about that situation is making me happy/sad?” most often than not you will be surprised by the reasoning. People get so caught up in stereotypes of “what you should feel?”, that they forget to get in touch with their inner feelings.

Once the journey to place your feelings begins, clarity dawns almost immediately and you find yourself on calmer waters. Digging deep into your feelings/emotions though seems like an effort initially become a habit.

Knowing the source of emotions gets you closer to self.

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