There’s no time!

Everyone stresses out about having so much to do and so little time to do it in. It is but natural that it ramps up during exam times especially. Another aspect is the negativity that might set in the mind. Time management and anxiety are common during such stressful times. Knowing how to deal with these issues is another matter. Here are some of the ways to help to alleviate such fears.

Time management consists of three main points – awareness, organization and commitment. Being aware that there is a problem and committing to getting help is up to the individual. For better organization, try the following.

Create a weekly schedule where each subject/topic is given a certain amount of time. Be realistic and do not sabotage the point of the schedule by setting unrealistic goals. Review after a week and make changes if needed.

Create a study/work area that is free of distractions and has everything needed to facilitate success. Make sure that the TV, phone, etc. are kept away for the duration of the study/work time.

Note down any and all doubts and fears before beginning. Whenever a distracting thought comes to mind, note it down to deal with later. Keep a separate notebook for this.

Instead of looking at the negatives, focus on the positives. Instead of looking at what was not accomplished, look at what was. Then create a plan to address the pending work.

Fear breeds anxiety. Ask yourself two questions – 1. What is the fear? & 2. What is the basis of this fear? Note these down. Be brutally honest. Only you will be looking at the answers so there is no need to be polite. The majority of cases have the fear of not doing well or failing.

Look at the amount of time and effort spent in preparing for the subject. That in itself should stop the fear.

Thought stopping is another technique one can put to good use. As soon as a negative thought enters your head, silently shout “Stop!”. Then relax and repeat a positive statement to yourself till you are calm. This helps to keep anxiety levels down.

Try and see if these techniques help you. At least one or more should fit your need and help alleviate your anxiety during stressful times.



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