Concentration and your child.

We all remember our youth and how hard it was to buckle down and study. Agreed, there were some of us who did not find it such a daunting task but that may not be the same for our children. As a parent, even though we would love to be the one to clarify any doubts they may have, it is not always possible. Most of the material that they are studying in schools today is nowhere near what we learnt back in our school days. By default, either they go to a tutor or we have to learn what they are learning.  One way we can help them for sure is by helping them to concentrate. Here are some guidelines that you might want to start instilling in them to make it easier for them in the future.

Divide tasks into manageable parts. Big chunks take more time and it can get frustrating to feel that things are not getting accomplished. Smaller bit are easier to handle and once finished, give that satisfaction which is an incentive to continue.

The human brain can only absorb at a certain rate. Try sticking to 45 minutes of study and five minutes of a break to keep the brain fresh.

If your child feels that their mind is wandering, ask them to physically get up and walk around the room while swinging their arms. This forces the blood to start pumping and gives them a natural adrenaline rush that will stimulate the brain.

Do not study the same thing for hours. Mix it up and, if possible, mix up the style of studying to better absorb the material. This will also break monotony.

Select a place which minimizes distractions. Keep phones, TV, etc. off or away.

Make sure that your child is fed and fresh when they start their study sessions. Give them light, fresh snacks to tide them over during their sessions and always make sure that they have plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Keep an eye on them but do not push too hard. Let them set their own pace and learn what they need to. It has the added advantage of giving them the sense of accomplishment.


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