What is counselling?

In today’s world, more and more people are finding a need for counselling. Be it in their professional lives or their personal ones. However, most people do not really know exactly what counselling is. Everyone has felt the need to talk to someone at some point or the other. The world we live in today does not always allow one to go to a member of their family, a close friend or a colleague. This is when you go to a professional counsellor.

In simple terms, counselling helps by guiding a person choose the right path for the right reasons. This could be something as simple as helping them come to a decision, deciding on a course of action or understanding an emotion buried within themselves. A person is guided through this process by a trained professional who has the required skills and who knows how to use the tools provided in order to do so.

Building a relationship with your counsellor is of the utmost importance. Being comfortable with them is also another major requirement. This is the person you are going to be talking to about almost everything that is bothering you in your life. This can only happen when you are open with them. You can only do this when you faith in them. While they may start out as a stranger in the beginning, through the course of your journey, they will no longer seem like that.

Though it may seem a little uncomfortable at first, slowly, you will become more comfortable with the idea of talking to this person about your life. This is a dialogue and therefore, you must also be an active participant in the process.

The main aim of counselling is to provide you with clarity of thought. Examining your past and present with a certified counsellor will help you become stronger and face the challenges of life.